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Jul. 19th, 2017 05:56 pm
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That single wide for sale that I mentioned is pending. I'm anxious to see what it actually goes for since you can buy a brand-freaking-new one for about $60k and this one is going for $225k-are-you-on-crack?

Playing the waiting game re: lawsuit.

What is the proper punctuation for re? I could have just typed out regarding.

Mermaids are a thing in the smut world. Just thought you should know that. Don't ask.

We are going to be renting out the trailer — again. Housing crisis is to the point where a fifth wheel with no running water and you have to flush with a bucket of water (into another bucket), and the electricity is provided through a cord running to our shop is actually a desirable option. I am so fucking glad we bought when we did. Prices exploded almost right afterwards and it's just getting worse. I've been seriously mulling over putting up like two or three tiny houses out back. How crazy is that? Nutso. Because the local commune is too expensive to move into and I'm not even joking. Seriously. It's down the street and you can't afford it.

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Jul. 16th, 2017 08:35 am
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Our life is about to change for, like,  two years.

Yesterday we did the Great Phone Swap. S and I got new iphone 7s. O and P got our old 6's... and E got O's old 5c. She's beyond thrilled. However, to add a new line it was more cost effective if we signed up for Direct TV.

Guess who's finally leaping into the 90's. And we get HBO with it now so we're going to *start* Game of Thrones. Which should take us the full two years to watch so it works out.

For those who don't know us very well, we've never even had cable TV in our 23 years of marriage so this kind of a big deal in the house.

S and E are on their way to Texas for a week. They are boarding right now in fact. E's new phone is loaded up with games and music (she is the music one in the family) and she has a brand new book to read on the flight.


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