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Last night, Dontrelle Willis made history. He is the first pitcher on the Marlins to win 20 games in a season. Not only that, but he is also only the 13th African American pitcher to do so. Incidentally, just as a book called 12 Black Aces is scheduled to come out. Heeheehee. I can just imagine the author of that book hearing about last night's game and going, "Daaaaaaamn!!"

It was so cute last night as we watched on TV. Dontrelle had been taken out of the game in the 7th inning, so he was watching from the dugout as the game finished, and everybody was coming up to him to congratulate him. Lenny Harris and Alex Gonzalez in particular were very jubilant. A.J. Burnett also gave him a lengthy hug after the last pitch. Nobody escaped hugs, though: Dontrelle insisted on enveloping everybody, right down to the bullpen catcher, in a big bear hug. Also cute was rookie Jason Vargas hovering around, waiting for his turn to hug the new ace.

It was awesome. :)
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Things haven't gone very well today. Not that they've gone horribly wrong. I'm just now starting to be annoyed by it.

1. Arrived at work to find out the doctor had changed the starting time to a half hour earlier and hadn't told me. Thanks, Dr. B., I really love walking into a waiting room full of patients. Actually, I don't really mind not being told it was moved, per se, because then I would have had to get up earlier. But it's the principle of it: too many times people "forget" to tell me important things. You're already giving all my work to Lindy, you don't have to rub it in my face that I obviously don't matter to you.

2. Also discovered, once I'd been there a couple hours, that there was a birthday lunch planned for one of the girls in the office. That's fine; they had told me about that, I'd just forgotten it. But that meant I had to call my father and let him know not to pick me up at the previously agreed-upon time. Except for one thing: my father seems to have misplaced his phone. Not a cell phone, his regular one. And yeah, it's cordless, but it also has a handy pager thing, not to mention a very loud ring. And yet it's been misplaced. So all those times I called, wondering what on earth was going on that nobody was answering the phone, it was just because it was lost. (I finally reached him on my sister's cell phone.)

3. I can't seem to get going on BL. Or any type of writing. It's a bummer.

4. My sisters can't seem to stay out of my room. If I leave for a second, one of them has taken over the computer. I've asked them not to jump online without asking, or to use our parents' computer instead, or any number of compromises, but they never listen. Nicole bought a new doorknob for our room that comes with keys and actually locks (the other one locked, but was easy to pick). I guess I'll just have to remember to lock the door whenever I want a snack, or whatever. *grumble*

5. Despite having a great, talented team, the Marlins keep finding ways to lose. *grumble grumble*

So one or two of those annoyances by themselves would not bother me, but all of them together have put me in a really crappy mood. I think I will have to actually get some writing done to snap out of it. Either that, or the Marlins will have to win. Maybe both.


Jun. 30th, 2005 02:52 pm
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So sad. Heard today of a rumor that the Marlins are looking to trade A.J. Burnett for Gary Sheffield. That particular trade probably won't happen, considering how steamed Sheffield is at the very idea of a trade, and that the Marlins really can't afford to give up who is arguably their best pitcher, er, after Dontrelle Willis, that is, but it just makes me realize how unlikely it is we'll see A.J. Burnett back in South Florida next year. After spring training, that is. *sniff*

I'll miss him. Though if he does end up with the Yankees, and he probably will, at least we'll still hear about him every now and then. As opposed to if he went to, say, the Athletics.
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The Tigers were on national TV today! Yay!

Tigers: 11
Royals: 2

Jeremy Bonderman pitched 7 solid innings, and Dimitri Young hit three home runs. Now let's just see what the Marlins give me tomorrow.

I love baseball season. *g*


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