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I took my car in for an oil change the other day, and there was this guy from Corporate there offering a deal if anybody was willing to trade in their Toyota: up to $5,000 over Kelley's Blue Book value. I was in a hurry (as usual), and I didn't know what the blue book value of my car was, so I didn't take it, but I sure did look it up when I got home.

$10,000 if in "good" condition; $11,000 if in "excellent" condition. My car is at least in "good" condition.

So I was thinking, if they would give me $15,000 for my car, I'd be able to pay off my auto loan and still have money left over for a down payment on a used car. I'd miss my lovely Yaris, but it would make it a heck of a lot easier to move out once my parents make the move to Michigan.

So I'm gonna call tomorrow and see if the offer is still good. Hopefully, if it's not a good idea, it'll become apparent to me before I do anything rash.
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Well, I wasn't able to get my brother's camera working, and having just bought a car and all, also unable to purchase new camera at present time. So I'll just say: it's a 2007 Toyota Yaris, and direct you to the official website:

It's in the "flint mica" color. Ain't it gorgeous? *beams*

It's in my name, but technically it's both mine and Nicole's -- she paid half the down payment, and will be paying half of the rest of the payments, as well. But since she doesn't have her drivers' license yet, couldn't make the car legally hers.

We were going to get it in blue, but the dealer said it would be difficult to get a blue model, because they are particularly high in demand. So, since we desperately wanted to drive away in our own car, we decided to take what was on the lot----so it was between the flint mica, and the jade sea metallic. The jade one was actually a sports model, and so would have been more expensive. So we ended up with the flint mica. Which isn't bad at all, being very close to Nicole's ideal car color, which is black. (Mine is red, but again, getting a red version would have taken longer.)

So I'll be flat broke for the next couple weeks until my next paycheck... But is so worth it.
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I got a new car! Eeeeeee!

Pics to come as soon as I figure out how to use brother's digital camera.
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I should be getting a car tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good luck with the finances.

Still don't know what I'm going to do with my present car, but what the hey.
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Bored. Restless. Impatient. That's me lately.

I feel bad because I don't post as much as I used to. But I have nothing to say, because nothing's been happening.

My car situation is still bad, and I'm having a difficult time convincing my sisters to pool their money with mine so we can get some wheels. Sister's friend, Jerms, took a look at my car and found that a lot of the parts were just strewn about under the hood, unconnected to anything. Which gives me a LOT of confidence in my mechanic, let me tell you.

So add Pissed Off to the list above.

So I could get someone to look at my car and tell me if it's salvageable. Or I could buy a new car. But I don't really have enough money to test my options, so I have to choose one or the other. If I get a mechanic out, and the car's not salvageable, I'll have to wait longer until I have enough money to buy a new car, because I'll have to pay the mechanic.

On the other hand, I feel very iffy about junking a car just because the mechanic was so stupid as to leave parts lying around and tell me it was good to go.

I am quite put out.
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My Mommy is home and has rolled up her sleeves (metaphorically speaking) and gotten to work on scrubbing the soot out of our kitchen. *embarrassed*

My car has, pretty much officially, died.
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Saw Walk the Line last night. Was very good. Johnny + June = OTP OMG.

I'm depressed. I now have even less money than I did when I complained about having no money the other day. Also, Tropical Storm Gamma (!!) is now threatening South Florida, and may come just in time to wreck my favorite holiday. And my car is still incapacitated.

The mechanic was supposed to come today to fix it, but nope. Couldn't do it.

On the upside, at least I don't have to write a paper for two weeks, thanks to the holiday.
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In other news, I got my driver's license today! Double squee!

EDIT: A more informative article

So they'll be going with Davies' NA, but someone else will be doing MP3 and S&S3. I can live with that. Even if Davies does take NA more seriously than it was intended, at least it should be a serious treatment of the novel.

Can't wait for the casting hullabaloo to start.
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Hunkering down for Wilma.

Since it's expected to be only a cat. 3 by the time it gets to the east coast, we're not evacuating. Jeanne was a 3 and we stayed for that one with no problems. This one might be a little different, though, since this time we're on the messy side of the storm, and with Jeanne we were on the tail end. So I'm a little concerned. But we have a brand new roof and we're on relatively high ground (about as high as it gets in Florida, unless you count the landfills), so we'll probably be okay.

I'm very glad we sprung for a generator this year, though. We're going to share it with the next door neighbors, since they don't have one. It works out, 'cause we don't know how to hook it up (and I'd really rather not leave my dad in charge of that), but they do. I'm also glad it's October, and not August, so it's a little cooler these days. Still hot, but not stiflingly so.

We're also housing our friends, Dru and Kim, who did not want to stay in their trailer park during the storm. Naturally. It's a standing invitation, as I've mentioned before. So they'll be bringing their kids and pets (a dog and a gerbil) over, probably tomorrow night. We might also invite another family over who live in the same trailer park, if they can't find anybody else to take them in. But my mom said if we invite them over, my dad has to buy her some rope to tie the bratty kids down with. I think she might have been serious.

I'm worried about my little car. I hope it doesn't blow away. *sniffle*

I'm mostly upset about my classes, though. Was supposed to have a midterm on Friday, but it'll probably be cancelled, along with the gym session on Saturday that the whole class hinges on. If they reschedule those classes, I hope it's for a Sunday or something so it doesn't wreck the rest of my schedule.
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My siblings think I have a crush on Will Arnett, just because I wanted to name my car GOB. This is both befuddling and amusing. We had a slightly heated argument about it, actually; I wanted GOB, they insisted it should be Lucille 3 or Old Thing. Most of this is because I think the car is male, but they think it's female. Oh, well. My car continues without an official name. But I shall call it GOB when I'm alone. ;)

(Oooh, maybe I can call it Annyong.)

Spent most of the day yesterday at the mall, shopping for myself. Nicole was so kind as to buy Season 1 of AD for me, which kind of made my day. *pathetic* And I got some clothes from my mother and Renae, which gives me another two outfits to wear to church (yay!), and the piano guy's coming out on Tuesday to fix my baby. Squee! Also, my brother made brownies for the first time in his life, since I, uh, don't like cake, and nobody else wanted to actually make the brownies. I think he was astonished at how easy it is to throw a mix together. *snerk* He doesn't usually go in much for cooking.

He's also usually not very nice, so I really appreciated his helping out last night, especially that he was so cheerful about it.

Since it was Thursday, I had an essay to write, but first we watched a couple episodes of AD. I've seen the whole first season already, because I'm a crammer, but my dad's had slower going. My mother hadn't seen any episodes yet, so I was afraid she wouldn't be able to keep up, but she was laughing hysterically right along with the rest of us. It was great.

So yesterday was very good for me. :)

Today I had class, and I got my first bonafide A for last week's essay. Yay! Granted, I don't think the essay I wrote last night was up to par, but I'm happy with this grade for now. I can't wait for the class to be over, though.


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