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Warning: This post may assume knowledge of my previous writing, so if you haven't read Blind Luck, be ready to not understand a word of what I'm saying. *g*

So *ahem* I meant to spend today almost totally writing, but of course ended up getting distracted. This time with casting my story. After figuring out which actors/actresses looked like several of my characters, I then had to look up pictures on the internet that matched my characters' personas. Obviously. *g*

Was only able to find a couple for Christopher---and only approximate matches at that---but had much better luck with Georgiana. As for the others --- gosh, have barely tried yet. I did find Anne de Bourgh, or rather, the actress I think looks most like my Anne de Bourgh, but no pictures that matched Anne yet. And I had someone in mind for Darcy, but forgot who it was while in the middle of looking up Anne. Hm.

sweet, innocent Georgiana

A more mature Georgiana--maybe ten years after my story (yes, I know these are the wrong time period.)

As I said, Christopher is harder to pin down. In my head, he's sort of a weird amalgam of Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Mostly Johnny Depp, though. And I can't think of any older actors to match Olivia de Havilland, because nobody back then was really the type. The leading men were always so dapper and debonair then. However, trying to find a picture of young!Johnny that matches young!Christopher is next to impossible---mostly because JD had such a baby face back then! (Case in point.) But there aren't really any younger actors that have the right look. Mature!Johnny isn't any easier because he almost always sports era-inappropriate hair or other styles. And although Johnny has aged remarkably well, he still looks older than Christopher's 21. I was able to find these two pictures, however, that at least convey the correct air and attitude.

hostile!Christopher (and not just 'cause he's seeing red. hee hee.)

watchful and wary

Anyway, back to the writing.

ETA: Oh, this one's good. That is, if you ignore the horribly inappropriate attire. And the earring. And the tattoo. Grrr. Anyway, it's almost thin enough to be Christopher (really can't find anybody that emaciated, unless it's Jude Law, who's always seemed really skinny to me), and about the right age, too. So I figure I can forgive the whole 20th century-ness of it. After all, I forgave Olivia de Havilland's period-inappropriate styles. :)
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I set out to get some homework done today, but got bored. So instead of that, I did some casting. I cast all the heroes and heroines of Patricia Veryan's Georgian novels through the Jewelled Men series. I wanted to cast something Austen, but my sisters wouldn't help me if I didn't do something they were familiar with, and they didn't want to do P&P, what with the new movie coming out and everything. Still, it is very satisfying to have a casting project that allows you to "use" nearly all your favorite boytoys actors. Also, since all the novels are related, you know some of the characters will pop up in books that are not their own, which makes it even more fun.

Still don't have anyone to play August, though. *sigh* Oh, well.

Speaking of the new P&P movie, though, am I the only one very interested in the new Wickham? I hope he can act.....


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