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My computer's still in the shop. More on that later.

In the meantime, I'm at my parents' computer in their bedroom. My dad decided to take a nap and turned on some religious programming to sleep to. So now behind me I have some woman singing very badly....horribly....she's just awful. Seriously, it's like a bad audition on American Idol, only this woman is actually supposed to be good. Her voice is a whine, her phrasing is horrible, and she's consistently flat on her notes. It's torture.

So I'm going to go call the computer place and see if my computer's ready yet. I'm dying here!

UPDATE: *big sigh of relief* Well, I finally have my computer back. (I know, it wasn't even 48 hours. I'm addicted. I get it.) I took it in yesterday to have the modem replaced, and they said they'd do it right away and to come back tomorrow (which would be today) to pick it up. So I went back today, but they hadn't tested it yet. So they plugged it in and everything, but when they tried to connect to the internet, it booted the computer. Naturally, I freaked out.

They told me to go home and they'd fix it. Bah. So I went home and waited two hours before calling them. They said they'd call back in 20 minutes. 40 minutes later, I called again, and they said it was ready. Humbug.

But now it's home, so all is good. And Nicole brought it to my attention that they had mistaken a 3 in our phone number for a 5, so maybe they tried to call and just had the wrong number. But I'm still rather cheesed off about the whole thing.


Sep. 4th, 2005 08:57 am
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Thunderstorm hit last night while I was on the computer and wiped out my computer's phone capabilities, apparently. Phone jack itself is fine; it's the computer's phone that isn't working.

*sigh* Another expense.
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My computer got hit in the last week or so with an awful spyware bug called Aurora. (I have heard something about a class-action suit against the people, whoever they are, that put it out there. Hmm.) I got rid of the pop-ups, but my poor computer is still feeling the effects, so I've been downloading supposed helps ever since I got home from work. Spybot has been acting weird for me for quite awhile, but it actually succeeded in deleting some stuff for me today. Am also trying Ad-Aware for the first time. It's in the middle of a deep system scan as I type. I'm just hoping I don't screw everything up worse by deleting something I actually need.

Also, have been fiddling with my LJ settings. I wanted to be able to include links in my journal, but so far, I don't really like the set-ups that offer that option. This one, at least, though I like the layout, is really way too pastel for my tastes.


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