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Braces are gone.

Wow. That feels different!
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Time for an update. I seem to be doing that less and less lately.

School starts again next week. I purposely scheduled myself Monday through Wednesday only, in order to preserve time for my cousin Amy's wedding in February. Now my mother says we'll be staying in Michigan through that Monday, which totally negates my plans. But then, I guess there's nothing stopping me from flying home by myself in order to not miss class.

Still need to find a dress for that shindig, by the way. Sadly, all the dresses to be found in Florida are flimsy little things that could not possibly stand up to a Michigan February. Come to think of it, I don't have a real winter coat, either. I have my brand new Johnny Cash "Man in Black" hoodie (which Trevor got me for Christmas. Squee!), and a couple jackets, and that's it.

Looking back on 2005, I realized I'd accomplished a lot as far as claiming my independence and moving on. I got my driver's license, I started school, and all that fun stuff. I don't want to stop moving forward, and so I'm getting my braces off in two weeks. Got sick of vacillating on the issue of surgery and decided a decision must be reached regarding the whole thing, and I decided to just forget about it. So off come the braces.

I think I'll get my hair done after that. I was going to do that after the surgery, but now there's no reason to wait.

I'm hoping to get moving on my writing again soon, but as long as I'm doing school and two jobs, I don't see myself getting much time for that. And that saddens me. But I'm also hoping to be able to quit Kmart soon. I'm in a different department now than I was two years ago; much more bearable and not as frustrating. But it still takes up way too much time. Nothing so pointless as folding mens' clothes.
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I haven't updated in awhile. *guilt*

It's finals week. Blah blah blah, cram cram cram. Really not worried or stressed, just busy. I am a little perplexed over my persuasive speech which is due on Tuesday and counts both as a speech and as a final (actual finals were cancelled due to Hurricane Wilma). I don't know what I'm going to do it on. No religion, no politics, per the professor's instructions. What else is there to persuade about? As said in Fiddler on the Roof, everything's political.

Meh, I'm just worried because I don't have strong opinions about many things that are not Absolutely Trivial. I did way better than expected on my first speech, though, so I guess I'll get by. And hey, after Tuesday, it's over. *g*

In other news, I seem to be losing weight. I pigged out yesterday and am still 2 pounds lighter than I was last week. I guess working retail really works for my metabolism. Is okay with me, since surgery seems to be a no-go at this point. Only way to get it done, it seems, is to raise $30K by ourselves.

Guess it's time to get these braces off.
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So I took that job at Kmart and am now extremely busy. Haven't had a day off in a week, but tomorrow's class is only two hours long, so that won't be so bad, and I don't work tomorrow, either. So that'll have to do until school ends in two weeks. I'm okay with that.

I just realized today that I only get one paycheck between now and Christmas, though. And that sucks. But I already made myself a Christmas budget that won't allow me to spend more than $30 per person, so I should be okay as long as I restrict myself to buying for Family Only.

*sigh* Sucks, though. Buying people presents is my favorite part of Christmas. But hey, I get paid the day after Christmas, so maybe we can do some Day After shopping while everybody else is returning everything. *g*

After the rat incident a few days ago, (my brother insists he saw the cats chase the rat out the back door. Significant that they did it together; my mom's not sure they weren't actually just chasing each other) my sisters have finally succeeded in convincing my parents to let them have a dog. So yesterday they went to both pounds and the pet store, looking for the perfect dog. They fell in love with a basset hound, but it had already been sold. So they're going to look for another basset hound.

Here's hoping the new dog doesn't kill me. I was okay with Lady most of the time, but I had to lock myself in my room when we had Sasha. Could never breathe with that dog in the house. My mother added a condition to getting a dog, and that was that Renae and Christi have to clean the carpet once a month, so that I don't get sick. They agreed, but you never know if they'll actually do it or not.

My mother set up an appointment with the lawyer for Tuesday, and I just realized I work that day. On one hand, I wouldn't mind calling off work to be able to keep up to date with what's going on with my surgery. But on the other hand, I don't have much confidence that we have a case, so what's the point of missing work?
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There is a fly buzzing around my room; I don't know how it got here, but it is huge.

Nicole ate the last orange. And she wouldn't give me one piece. Now the only thing to snack on is matzoh.

People bug me, generally speaking.

I have three chapters to read on economics before Saturday. May I say blech?

I got up too early to be productive. Went to the dentist for a cleaning, then three hours later to the orthodontist for my records. The orthodontist office called me right back, took the x-rays, and sent me back into the waiting room, to wait for the doctor to have a meeting with us. We waited at least an hour and a half for this guy. So annoying. They must have scheduled everybody for 2:00. Swanky new office, though. SpongeBob Squarepants theme. But what kind of orthodontist office serves cookies and brownies to the people in the waiting room??

Netflix came today. Watched two episodes of MI-5. Yay. But what do Egyptians do to sex offenders, anyway?


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