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I really miss late-night chat sessions. :(
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Wow. I haven't posted in a really long time. Can't imagine why not, so much has been happening lately. More on that later, but I'm feeling really mellow right now, probably because almost my whole family is away at a youth rally at the moment. I'm so mellow, I'm not even annoyed by the Becoming Jane squeeing in the TR. In fact, I find it .... cute. Wow. Probably because it's really James MacAvoy squeeing. *g*

Also, thanks to whoever in the TR, I have now viewed the new Mansfield Park. It seemed a little like MP on speed ---- very fast-paced, and some weird changes --- but overall, I liked it. I'm glad it's on youtube, because my parents got rid of satellite recently, so I wouldn't have been able to see it even when it did come over here. I'll probably still rent it once it's on DVD, though.

I have to go finish my laundry. Empty house means late-night cleaning for me.
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What's with all the weird people wanting to talk about Jane Austen in the Tea Room? ;)
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I'm cold. *blows into hands*

Wedding was nice. Reception was underwhelming. More details later.

I really just wanted to say that it's posts like this that make me really sad.

Wish I were brave/foolish enough to reply, but there are a few who have already taken up the gauntlet.

Also, my grandfather is having an emergency quadruple bypass tomorrow morning, so everybody please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. His name is Neal.


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