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Tonight my father attended an elders' meeting at the church. Naturally, this meant my brother would take the opportunity to make my mother watch Return of the King.

My sisters, Renae and Christi (aka [ profile] stiiscrazy), did not immediately catch the characters' names the first time they watched the movies, and so Denethor ended up being called Daddymir -- because naturally, with sons named Boromir and Faramir .... you get the picture. Anyway, they've always been horrified with the way Daddymir eats his dinner while Faramir rides out to Osgiliath, and they knew our ultra-finicky mother would hate that scene even more. So how to combat this to stop our mother from freaking out? They decided they would try to outdo Daddymir in nastiness. So they got their dinner, which happened to be very messy and saucy, and waited with plates poised near their mouths for the scene to begin. Here is how it unfolded:

Renae: *wipes mouth with saucy piece of beef*
Christi: *shoves noodles into mouth with fingers* "Slurp a noodle, Nae."
Renae: *slurps a noodle*
Mother: *giggles*
Renae: *continues to wipe face with sauce*
Christi: *buries face in plate* "I win!" *raises fist triumphantly* "Oh, yeah!"
Billy Boyd: "Fade....." *looks upset*

*still giggling*
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I went to the library yesterday and picked up a few books I haven't read from the banned books meme. (I also left the library wondering why in the world they didn't have a single copy of The Grapes of Wrath! Wha???) I started with Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!. I'm having trouble getting into it, though. Why? Because of the insanely long sentences! It's as if he had only a short supply of periods and had to use them sparingly in order to be able to finish his book.

Still, I have to admit it's a pretty effective way of setting up the mood of the book. When the characters begin to pick up the narration, as in chapter 1, I could imagine Jessica Tandy speaking as she did in Fried Green Tomatoes, and I understood it much more easily than in the plain narration.

In other news, I'm still really annoyed that all my planned activities for tomorrow were cancelled because of this stupid hurricane. I was all geared up for work and school, and suddenly I have nothing to do. It leaves me feeling very antsy.

Also, today was my brother's birthday, so he made our parents sit down and watch The Two Towers. Phrases uttered in my house today during The March of the Ents:

Run, Forest, Run!
He's turning over a new leaf.
Gotta pack my trunk.
How do you kill a tree? Oh!
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For LoTR enthusiasts, I got a kick out of this:

Warning: takes a long time to load.


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