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I always know I have a crush on someone when my own characters start taking on that person's mannerisms -- occasionally even the females.

Such is the case with Matthew Macfadyen. You know that thing he does, that lean-forward-confidentially thing? It was even mentioned in an article once. Yeah, that one. I love that. So now my own CB has started to do that. Only in my imagination, though. Which is probably a good thing, because after the crush fades, he probably won't be doing that anymore, and we can't have that kind of inconsistency, now, can we?

Not that it matters, since I still can't get any bloody writing done. *grumble, grumble*
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Long, disjointed ramble about school, boys, work, writing, and movie stars.....yeah )
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I've been searching for icons of Matthew Macfadyen, to no avail. Boohoo. Still working my way through MI-5 and have decided that I think he's absolutely wonderful. I might have decided that before, actually. Hmmm....

Have also been looking for a reason to post a fangirly post about him in the TR, but haven't thought of one, outside of a gushing-looking-for-someone-to-talk-to-about-MI-5 post. But then I think I'd annoy myself.

I've been typing an e-mail to my professor. Am afraid it's terribly stupid, but hey. This paper is starting to freak me out, especially considering the outline is due next week and, well, I'm crap at outlines. I never used them for school -- if they were required, I wrote them *after* the paper.

*sigh* Oh, well. I'll get through it.
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There is a fly buzzing around my room; I don't know how it got here, but it is huge.

Nicole ate the last orange. And she wouldn't give me one piece. Now the only thing to snack on is matzoh.

People bug me, generally speaking.

I have three chapters to read on economics before Saturday. May I say blech?

I got up too early to be productive. Went to the dentist for a cleaning, then three hours later to the orthodontist for my records. The orthodontist office called me right back, took the x-rays, and sent me back into the waiting room, to wait for the doctor to have a meeting with us. We waited at least an hour and a half for this guy. So annoying. They must have scheduled everybody for 2:00. Swanky new office, though. SpongeBob Squarepants theme. But what kind of orthodontist office serves cookies and brownies to the people in the waiting room??

Netflix came today. Watched two episodes of MI-5. Yay. But what do Egyptians do to sex offenders, anyway?


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