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My stress level has gone so far down since it's been just me and the two youngest girls, it's not even funny. By the end of this month, I will have my credit cards all paid off, and a new bed. :)
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So I've decided to go ahead and move to Michigan with the rest of my family. I just didn't want to think about having teenagers before I even have babies, and I couldn't get my sisters to realize they weren't acting like adults -- they don't listen to me; everything I say or do is stupid or obvious to them -- so I threw up my hands and said, basically, that's it. I'm going home.

There's still the condition that I need to have a job secured before I move, but it looks like that's what's going to happen.
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I feel like posting, I guess.

So my sisters and I are apartment hunting. We'd prefer something in the Royal Palm Beach/Wellington area, because it's close to (almost) everything we do. We went yesterday to look at a place, but we didn't like it. Despite being cheap and having bedrooms of more-or-less equal size (a definite plus when no one of us has the clear advantage), it was also very small, dingy, and claustrophobic.

Weird that it could be small and claustrophobic -- the suffocating effect was really more from the way the building was situated than the actual size of the unit. I wouldn't mind smallness, as long as it was open.

So anyway, there's all this exciting stuff going on, and I have no idea where to begin, but I think I'm going to start posting again as if I'd never stopped, and pretend like everybody knows what I'm talking about. ;)

Right now my siblings, except for Renae, are at a Christian rock concert in Orlando. I didn't go because I wasn't really interested in driving three hours one way to see the one band I would have liked to see. The house is very quiet without them, but it's a nice break from the constant bickering that's been going on lately.

In other news, Hurricane Ike is now projected to hit Miami. The idea of evacuating 4.2 million people is mind-boggling. Hopefully West Palm Beach will dodge the brunt of the hit. Although we'll probably be without power for a few days, anyway. My mom's very happy to have planned her vacation so perfectly.
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Feeling sad and lonely. My parents and Nicole left this morning for Georgia. My dad is going to be going on to Lancaster from there, because he has an interview up there this week. We probably won't be seeing him for awhile, as he tries to get something going up there in the way of work, house, etc. I'll be following, with my other two sisters and brother, to Georgia on Wednesday, but by the time I get there, he'll be gone. He can drive me crazy, but in many ways he's the life of the family.

I really hope this whole moving business doesn't take too long.

It's really weird with Nicole gone, too. The four of us girls are used to doing things as a pack. It's just .... weird, when one of us is missing.

I dunno. The whole day has just been a depressing string of lackluster existence. I did manage to (almost) clean my room. I had requested the whole week off in advance, because I thought I'd be leaving today with my parents, but then suddenly everybody wanted to go, and Renae and Christi couldn't get the entire time off, so I had to stay behind, to be the driver. Then Nicole got commandeered so that Trevor could also stay behind with me, to accompany me and help me with the driving. Because obviously I'm incapable of driving to my grandmother's house by myself.

Ironically, I don't think he's going to be much help. I've had a stiff neck/backache for about a week now (couldn't get my chiropractor boss to look at it, because he was out of town, too), and though it's getting better, now Trevor's complaining of the same symptoms. I had thought it was just because of the crappy futon that I call a bed, but now that Trevor has the exact same thing, we're thinking it's some sort of viral thing. Anyway, the point is, if his is nearly as bad as mine was, he's not going to be in any shape to do much driving.


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