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Somebody on Austenblog asked why anyone who's read the book would defend P&P3. So here goes.

For my part, I'm inclined to defend the movie because I think the level of vitriol leveled at it at certain sites is disproportionate to the "crimes" it has committed.

I've seen all the JA adaptations (I think) except NA and P1, and to my knowledge, this is the only one aside from MP2 that has met with this much anger. MP2 is also the only one I dislike on the grounds of being unfaithful---any others I dislike, it's because they were boring, or ugly, or both. Now, I don't think this movie comes anywhere close to the level of travesty that MP2 attained, so I find the rabidity of its detractors to be somewhat bewildering. I mean, at least the makers of P&P3 actually respect Jane Austen and P&P --- at least, they don't go around openly insulting it in interviews. It seems to me like they really tried to be "faithful," in their own way. There are some unpopular interpretations of characters, but nothing too outrageous. I mean, nobody would actually (I hope) interpret Fanny Price as a spirited, horseback-riding hoyden, but who honestly hasn't heard the argument before that Mrs. Bennet is actually really very sensible in trying to get her girls married? Who hasn't witnessed a Shy War? Even if you don't agree with it, it's out there.

Plenty of other adaptations -- Emmas 2 and 3, P2, and even S&S2, which I love -- make serious changes to the text, but they don't have gaggles of people bashing them. (Though of course every adaptation is disliked by *somebody.*) So I don't understand why this one meets with such frothing-at-the-mouth responses. Though I have my suspicions.

EDIT: Got a reply which was more of the same, insisting on the horrible inaccuracy of the movie, and here's my response to her:

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Okay, so I finally took the time to read the P&P3-relevant posts on Fandom Wank. Hee! Resisted a slight urge to respond to something-or-other, which is good, because now I can't even remember what it was. Whenever something Austen-y ends up over there, though, I always end up reading the posts, wondering "Who's that? Do I know her?"

Interestingly, nobody over there seems to know how to spell Macfadyen.

Yesterday my sisters and I went (by ourselves! I drove! whee!) to see Miss Saigon. We went early in case we got lost, but it turned out the show started an hour later than we thought. So we took the trolley around CityPlace a couple times, and stopped at the grocery store to buy Kleenex and get cash so Nicole could buy a program.

The show was wonderful. Was not prepared for the set, blocking, and lyric changes, though. Some of the songs were extended, especially "What a Waste." When did that happen? Or am I insane and it was just shortened for the recording and I don't remember? Anyway, overall, I think it was an improvement, but I missed the Cadillac. And the creepy Ho Chi Minh statue.

"Morning of the Dragon" was, I think, the definite highlight. And I *adored* Kim's delivery of the line "Chris will come to me like the Phoenix and he'll take me up on his wings!" Very defiant, spunky Kim. And her voice was even somewhat similar to Lea Salonga's, so there wasn't much of a jarring effect as far as trying not to think of the original recording. And of course, no "oreeenge" from Chris. *g*

Also, it's time I confess that, similar to my crazy, sick love for Montparnasse, I have always really liked Thuy. As a character, mind you! The actor last night was very good. Not Asian, though, at least, he didn't look Asian. Kind of strange, but we weren't really close enough for that to be a problem. Don't think it would have been a problem, anyway, since he *was* a very good actor.

After the show, the actors all took their bows, as usual --- standing ovation, and so on. Then, as people began to file out, the "Engineer" (don't have the program handy to look up the actor's name. Kim was Laurie something-or-other. Cadevida?) asked for our attention and brought some guy up onstage. This guy then proceeded to call his girlfriend up on stage, and, in a very sweet, bumbling way, asked her to marry him. Now of course, if you ask your girlfriend to marry you in front of hundreds of people, there's not much chance she's going to refuse. But when she started talking, it sounded like she was going to say no. "You're a great guy, I'm very grateful to you," and so on. But then she bent over (he was down on one knee, obviously) and said, "Yes, darling, I will marry you." And the audience let out a sigh of relief.

*giggle* I never thought I'd actually see that happen.
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I wish people would stop talking about Oscar possibilities for Keira Knightley. I mean, come on. I'm excited about the film, but I'm not that excited. Judging from the clips, it's not exactly Oscar material. These kinds of expectations bother me almost as much as the persistent bashing.
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I set out to get some homework done today, but got bored. So instead of that, I did some casting. I cast all the heroes and heroines of Patricia Veryan's Georgian novels through the Jewelled Men series. I wanted to cast something Austen, but my sisters wouldn't help me if I didn't do something they were familiar with, and they didn't want to do P&P, what with the new movie coming out and everything. Still, it is very satisfying to have a casting project that allows you to "use" nearly all your favorite boytoys actors. Also, since all the novels are related, you know some of the characters will pop up in books that are not their own, which makes it even more fun.

Still don't have anyone to play August, though. *sigh* Oh, well.

Speaking of the new P&P movie, though, am I the only one very interested in the new Wickham? I hope he can act.....
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I had a very strange dream last night, and since it pertains to P&P3, I thought I'd share it here. Personally, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me to quit obsessing over it, but at least I managed to find some pretty icons. :)

Anyway, the dream.

I dreamed that I got to see an advanced screening of P&P3. And at first I was very pleased with it. It was going along fantastically, and the leads were doing very well. But somehow, Matthew Macfadyen had been replaced by John Cusack in my dream, which made it very .... odd. But then, I've always said MM reminded me of a cross between John Cusack and Clive Owen, so I guess that's where that came from. That and my sister went to see Must Have Dogs the other day, and was telling me about it yesterday.

Anyway, around the same time I realized it was Cusack and not MM, the movie got really weird. For one thing, all the costumes changed to modern clothing. Suddenly KK was wearing jeans and MM/JC was wearing some kind of sports jacket, or something. Oh, and Wickham was played by Greg Wise. I mention this only because the next scene was between Wickham and Darcy. In a drawing room. Wickham was asking Darcy about something, I presume it was about his feelings for Elizabeth. Don't remember the question, but Darcy/MM/JC responded with a very intense "Yes. Yes. Yes." And then he attacked/ran out the door. Seriously. And that's when I remember thinking, "Oh, this movie blows!"

Then it switched to outdoors, and along came jean-clad KK/Lizzy. She was about to be hit by an L-train or a subway or something. I think my dream set itself in Chicago. But I was thinking to myself, "Oh, Darcy's gonna come along and save her!" And sure enough, Darcy/MM/JC appeared and ..... attacked the train. Seriously, he just threw himself on top of it, and attached himself to the window, like Spiderman or something. But the train was diverted and did not hit KK/Lizzy, so I guess it worked.

And that's when I woke up. Weird, huh?

P&P3 pics

May. 28th, 2005 04:04 pm
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These were posted at HG the other day. I think they look quite nice, for the most part. Still not sure about Sutherland, and KK seems to have her "I'm in love" face on, but otherwise, I remain very excited about this movie.


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