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Thank God 2006 is over! Horrible year.

I wanted to make a nice post to ring in the new year. At least, a thoughtful one; I had intended to scan some pictures of my grandfather and do a memorium. Of course, a combination of laziness and fear of sadness stopped me from doing that.

So I'll just say "Belated Happy New Year!" now, and leave it at that. :)

Our church had a thing where people could write down their wishes for the new year, and put them in envelopes and hand them to the pastor. The idea is to open them next new year's and see what came of them. I couldn't think of anything suitably spiritual to wish for (or suitably lacking in materialism, heh), but I do have a few things to "strive" for, as far as life in general goes:

1: write more
2: break free of Big K, without losing income
3: participate more -- in both fandom and RL extracurricular things
4: work harder at maintaining relationships --- something I really suck at.
5: figure out this whole financial aid thing, and finish PBCC

That's all for now.
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[ profile] carthia has asked some questions about fandom and what attracts us to it, and I thought I'd put my response here. It gets a little confusing, referring to fandom alternately as an interest and a community. Hopefully it's understandable.

I had intended to post this as a response to [ profile] carthia's post, but it exceeded character length and wouldn't post, so I'm posting this shorter saved draft here instead.

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