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House is finished----we just have to move back in. (Can't remember if I already posted that information or not.... also, just read that sentence, and thought I was talking about the TV show House.)

I feel really terrible for my lack of updates lately, but despite the fact that I am terribly busy and life does not seem to be slowing down, I can never think of anything to say.

I'm trying to find time to get back to writing, but first, I have to find a new job. I can't take Kmart much longer.
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Almost done with the remodelling. I'm still debating with myself over whether I want to tell the whole story or not, but suffice it to say, contractors suck, even when they're "friends," but it turns out it's perfectly possible to lay tile and wood floors yourself.

Well, my dad, brother, and a (real) friend from church laid the wood. But everybody helped with the tile---that part was easy, since it's actually just sticky stuff that applies right to the floor. But it looks like tile. :)

I've moved back into my room, and my sibs and I finally got around to buying that furniture we'd promised our parents for Father's Day, so the living room's looking really nice. The only room left is my parents' room---once that's completed, we can unpack the rest of our stuff, and go about getting back to normal. So probably by Thursday.

Meanwhile, my sisters and I are looking ahead to throwing a bang-up party for New Year's Eve, to celebrate the end of the Worst Year Ever.


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