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NYC was fantastic. We got back Sunday night and I'm still not over it, wishing I was still there, etc. My sibs and I met David, my longtime internet buddy, on Friday and basically just hung out around Time Square all day, with a brief detour to Central Park. Nicole bought me a copy of the Sweeney Todd revival recording, which I've been listening to ever since we got home. Then that evening, after David went home, we saw a preview of Les Miserables.

Review of Les Mis, for those who care. You know who you are. )

The next day, we decided to tackle the subway system, with .... not a lot of success. Let's just say that London was way easier. We were able to get around, eventually, but we were mostly confused. Anyway, we walked around Greenwich Village and Chinatown. Most of the time was in Greenwich Village --- stores just kept popping out at us, and there was a very embarrassing segment wherein we couldn't figure out that we kept going in and coming out and going back into the exact same subway platform. *blushes*

That evening, we saw Phantom of the Opera. My brother bought my ticket, because I didn't want to spend money on another show, but I didn't want to be left behind, either, and he owed me a birthday present. *g*

Review of Phantom, if anybody cares. )

There were a few disagreements over what to do, mostly because some of us preferred to just walk around and soak everything in, whereas the others would have liked to do some actual sightseeing. As it turned out, we just didn't have enough time to see everything.

We're already planning our next trip.
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my sibs and I are going to NYC next weekend for a couple days. We'll be flying in Thursday night and out Sunday afternoon. It's a really hare-brained adventure, but hey, we're young. ;)

We're going to be meeting a friend for breakfast and seeing a show in the evening (Les Miserables for the 40th time) on Friday, but other than that, we have no idea what to do in the short time we're there. So if anybody has any ideas, I'd be interested to hear them. *g*


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