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my sibs and I are going to NYC next weekend for a couple days. We'll be flying in Thursday night and out Sunday afternoon. It's a really hare-brained adventure, but hey, we're young. ;)

We're going to be meeting a friend for breakfast and seeing a show in the evening (Les Miserables for the 40th time) on Friday, but other than that, we have no idea what to do in the short time we're there. So if anybody has any ideas, I'd be interested to hear them. *g*
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Insurance adjuster came by this morning. Not only are we getting a new bathroom, but we're also getting the house recarpeted. My mom started hyperventilating when she heard that; she's been wanting to replace the carpet for years. (You can imagine, with seven of us living here, plus two cats, and at one time a dog.)

My dad grinned and said he guesses he's earned his keep this month. *g*

We're leaving for Detroit tomorrow morning, weather permitting. Blizzard in Wisconsin, so who knows what'll happen. But we'll be getting up at the crack of dawn and going to the airport, regardless.

I got my hair cut today, to prepare for the wedding. The stylist put a bunch of mousse or whatever in it, so it's a lot bouncier than usual at the moment. It'll be flat again before I'm able to take a picture, though.


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