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So I haven't been posting regularly for a long time. You know how it goes, it starts with not having a lot of time, or nothing of interest happening. Then time goes by and you realize that actually a lot has happened, and you wouldn't know where to begin to update. So you keep putting it off and putting it off, until finally, you decide, "Screw it. I'm going to post about something because I feel like it."

At least, that's how it works for me. So here goes.

TV obsession. Now that we have no satellite dish, I have become obsessed with several TV shows. Doctor Who, obviously, but now that's currently between seasons. Life on Mars is intriguing, but am having difficulty finding 3rd episode. Robin Hood was a total bust -- stupid show. Jericho turned out to be a surprise. Has anybody heard of/seen this show? I'd heard of it, but forgot about it until my sister caught the pilot last week, and proceeded to get me to watch the entire season with her on the internet. It started out really bad/cheesy, but got really good about halfway through the first season. CBS cancelled it, but the fans got them to bring it back after deluging the network and execs with letters and peanuts. So they're re-running the second half of the first season. I don't know if a second season is in the works or not, but I sure hope so, because boy was the season finale a cliffhanger.

I still haven't gathered up the courage/strength to begin the next two years of my schooling. I'd really like to just get it over with, because there's not much I can do with a 2-year accounting degree. But on the other hand, I really don't feel like pushing myself to do well in school while working at the same time. If I could go to school and take off work for two years, I'd jump at it. I just don't have the energy.

Piano lessons are going well -- I have about half of the students I need to be making what I was making when I was working Kmart and the doctor's office at the same time --- with only a third of the hours. That's nice.

My parents are talking about moving again, this time up north, probably either Detroit or somewhere around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We've had issues with the church and my mother's closest Florida friend moved to Buffalo last year. My mother's unsatisfied with her job, and my dad is unable to find work down here, so a move seems imminent. My dad's talked about moving before, but never with my mom backing him up. I'm okay with it this time. It seems like the best thing to do given our current situation, and it's not like any of us kids have roots here. My sister has a bosom friend that she will miss, but said friend is going away to college soon, anyway, and they both have MySpaces.

Anyway, at least it's not freaking Okeechobee.
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Emotionally drained. Have been blazing my way through seasons 2 and 3 of Doctor Who. Made it through Family of Blood. Was contemplating staying up through Utopia, but since Blink link (ha!) appears to be broken, will probably end up going to bed.

Stayed up late last night, too, because of Who. Went to bed right after 42, so ended up having dreams about the previews for Human Nature. That was creepy, especially since I couldn't remember, while I was at work today, which scenes I was remembering from the preview, and which ones I was remembering from the dream. Turned out they were almost all from the dream. *g*
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I've been having Doctor Who withdrawals, ever since my parents discontinued their satellite service in the middle of the second season on SciFi. Watching shows on the internet has never really worked for me, so now I'm terribly behind, and to top it all off, Netflix has had to pull the discs for some sort of mix-up with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or something, and still hasn't replaced them.

*long-suffering sigh*
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I'm all hyper from playing the Prison Break drinking game (we play with Dr Pepper), and I have to work in 8 hours.

Wah! It's times like these that I really miss late-night chat.
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Christmas was good. I got Legos. :D

Everybody else got DVDs --- the last two nights, my sisters and I have stayed up late watching season 1 of Prison Break, which was my gift to Nicole. That show is like crack. I know it's stupid, but I can't stop watching it. Renae and Christi have been keeping tallies of 1) body count, 2) Veronica-being-stupid count, and 3) Lincoln-being-obvious count. They also get a kick out of Pope's softness.

My dad got season 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun, and my mom got volume 2 of Animaniacs. So, what with those 3 shows, we've been laughing a lot the past couple days.

My family and I went to see The Nativity Story last night. I thought it would be boring, but I actually liked it. I thought Keisha Castle-Hughes was lackluster, but the guy playing Joseph was really good. And I didn't recognize Ciaran Hinds as Herod until the credits rolled. Why can I never recognize that man from role to role? I didn't recognize him in Phantom of the Opera, either.

My sisters and I were going to go see A Night at the Museum tonight, but Nicole and Christi stayed too late at work to catch the late showing. So I guess we'll have to catch it tomorrow, when nobody works late.

I've been considering the possibility of dumping Kmart for a new office job. It's doable, and I'd love to do it, but I'm not sure if I should when I only have one semester before I start interning.
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YouTube is my friend...... *grinning madly*
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So. I've started Netflixing Dr. Who, and as a result, have once again been obsessing over the whole time travel issue. As in, I really wish I could. (But not, thankfully, at Uncle Rico levels.)

None of my siblings are interested in it, though, which makes it kind of hard for my random ramblingness to ramble randomly around the house. To be honest, I wasn't really interested in it, either, I just wanted to watch something with David Tennant and figured, with the second season conveniently starting here in a couple weeks, I should take the opportunity to start at the beginning.

Shoot, it's just started to thunder, and I have more I wanted to say.

Anyway. In an attempt to interest one or two of my siblings, I've been playing up the time travel issue, because that's something we're all interested in, I think. So we ended up having a discussion today about what we would do if we could travel through time, which ended up being more about would we rather kill the horrible people throughout history, or just divert them from their historical paths. That is, kill Hitler or buy all his paintings so he becomes a painter instead of the Fuhrer? Thinks like that.

Anyway, was kind of interesting.
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Aside from certain obligations, have done very little the last two weeks or so that was not "watch Blackadder." It's part desire to memorize all of Edmund's delicious insults, and part of an obsession with House/Hugh Laurie that requires a daily dose of him as the ridiculous Prince George/Georgie Peorgie.

Went to the beach today with two of my sisters. I got sunblock in my eye, so spent most of the time pretty much half-blind, but was still fun. At one point we all "washed up" on the beach, so [ profile] the_duck_is_in and I got into a sand-throwing fight. Am now home, and have (hopefully) washed all the sand out. ([ profile] consumingnae, you should have come!)

No real point, just wanted to update on what's been going on. :)
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I've been bored and dissatisfied lately, just in general. In case anyone doubts it, it is possible to be busy beyond belief and still bored. I think I suffer from chronic boredom. I need stimulation.

Anyway. I just finished Netflixing the first season of Veronica Mars. mild spoilers )
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Prison Break: Not sure what constitutes spoilers, so I cut just in case )
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Watched the Golden Globes tonight. Was thrilled to see Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix win for Walk the Line. Was also pleased with Sandra Oh's win, even though I don't watch Grey's Anatomy.

I'm always amazed at how many of these people have really bad social anxiety. I know Johnny Depp is really shy (come on, I've seen his Inside the Actors' Studio), but he sucks it up pretty well. Joaquin Phoenix, on the other hand, looked like he was going to throw up when he was accepting his award. (I liked how he pointed out the irony of his winning for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, though. And he thanked Johnny and June, which Reese forgot to do.)

Or maybe he was just drunk. All the desperate housewives certainly were, with the possible exception of Felicity Huffman, who looked decidedly annoyed whenever she was shown with her shrieking, loony co-stars.

I thought it was a good night, overall. Very few bad dresses, proportionally speaking, and plenty of funny speeches. Hugh Laurie's in particular had my mom and me giggling, but Steve Carell's was also enjoyable. I got to hear Jonathan Rhys Meyers' natural accent (though he looks more and more like a heroin addict every time I see him). Geena Davis was gorgeous (I love red). There were also plenty of cute couples in attendance -- Ryan & Reese, Tim & Faith, William and Felicity, Heath and Michelle.... I missed seeing Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson, though. I would mention Johnny and Vanessa, but I was so distracted by Johnny's hair, I didn't have time to notice Vanessa.

I felt so bad for Dakota Johnson, though. Is she always Miss Golden Globe? No, I remember now, I'm confusing her with Clint Eastwood's daughter, I think. Anyway, she looked extremely embarrassed to be there, besides having a sad case of Rory Gilmore posture.
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For Arrested Development fans, here's an interview with Michael Cera, who plays George-Michael Bluth. Really funny. He's an hilarious kid.
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Watched SNL last night. Was okay. Horatio Sanz was actually funny a couple times. Also, discovered that Scott Podsednik is very cute. Still, wasn't as good as last week's episode with Franz Ferdinand. That kind of rocked. Also, I was expecting Lance Armstrong to be a bad actor, but did Sheryl Crow have to be in that many skits, too? I mean, I know they're married and all, but come on. There's a reason she's the *musical* guest.

Having no electricity is starting to wear on my nerves. The laptop's battery charger decided to develop a short in the cord last night, and it took me until 10:00 tonight to figure out how to keep the darn thing in place long enough to charge the computer. I miss my PC. And my TiVo. And having my own DVD player, and a place to retreat from the weekend barrage of football..... *sigh* Honestly, the only thing to do around here when there's no electricity and the male folk are watching football is eat. Or cook. Which leads to eating. Am suddenly afraid having no electricity will make me fat.
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Well, no sooner did I log off after posting my last entry, but our phone line went out. Argh!

But it's back now. Yay!

Still don't have power, though.

Have been very bored the last few days, though this time the aftermath has been considerably better than other hurricanes I've been through. Mostly due to the cooler weather (the hurricane actually brought in a cold front this time; was very weird. I think it came in with the eye.) but also because of our brand spanking new generator. Which, btw, we are now sharing with both of our next door neighbors, since the family on the left of us have an autistic child who cannot live without TV. Or maybe it's his parents who need it to keep him busy. *shrug* Either way.

The only thing I had to keep myself occupied was my Netflix, which was the first three discs of the first season of 24. Which has been surprisingly good. Wasn't sure if I could deal with The Antichrist* as the lead character, but I've really been enjoying it. Was very tiresome to have to charge up the battery every two hours, though. On the other hand, it made it easier to make the discs last three or four days.

More details to come later, as we all have to make do with the laptop at the moment.

* "The Antichrist" in this case obviously refers to Kiefer Sutherland. We gave him this nickname because he was the bad guy in so many movies we've seen. Of course, this makes Donald Sutherland the Father of the Antichrist.
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I don't know if anybody on my flist could do this, but I'm putting it out there anyway:

I really want an icon featuring the following things:
a picture of George-Michael Bluth and Maeby Fünke from Arrested Development
a picture of Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park (preferably Miller/O'Connor, NOT Farrell/Le Touzel)
and the words "Cousin Lovin'"

Hee! Maybe more cousin couples, but those are the ones I really want.
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I'm bored, so I decided to make a list.

Top Ten Things to Love About Arrested Development:

10. It gets lousy ratings, so you know it has to be great. (*eyeroll*)
9. Chicken Dances! (see icon)
8. Buster Bluth is absolutely adorable.
7. But not as adorable as Jason Bateman.
6. Continuity! I mean, there's still blue paint on the walls and chairs! Squee!
5. It translates superbly to DVD--huge kudos to the writers.
4. Hilarious, talented, beautiful, dedicated cast with genuine chemistry. (Jeffrey Tambor, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Walters, David Cross, Tony Hale, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat.....)
3. You are guaranteed at least one full-out belly laugh per episode. Or hysterical shrieking if that's your thing.
2. No laugh tracks! Such a relief!
1. If you think your family is crazy, wait until you meet the Bluths.

*sigh* Can you tell this hiatus is killing me?
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My siblings think I have a crush on Will Arnett, just because I wanted to name my car GOB. This is both befuddling and amusing. We had a slightly heated argument about it, actually; I wanted GOB, they insisted it should be Lucille 3 or Old Thing. Most of this is because I think the car is male, but they think it's female. Oh, well. My car continues without an official name. But I shall call it GOB when I'm alone. ;)

(Oooh, maybe I can call it Annyong.)

Spent most of the day yesterday at the mall, shopping for myself. Nicole was so kind as to buy Season 1 of AD for me, which kind of made my day. *pathetic* And I got some clothes from my mother and Renae, which gives me another two outfits to wear to church (yay!), and the piano guy's coming out on Tuesday to fix my baby. Squee! Also, my brother made brownies for the first time in his life, since I, uh, don't like cake, and nobody else wanted to actually make the brownies. I think he was astonished at how easy it is to throw a mix together. *snerk* He doesn't usually go in much for cooking.

He's also usually not very nice, so I really appreciated his helping out last night, especially that he was so cheerful about it.

Since it was Thursday, I had an essay to write, but first we watched a couple episodes of AD. I've seen the whole first season already, because I'm a crammer, but my dad's had slower going. My mother hadn't seen any episodes yet, so I was afraid she wouldn't be able to keep up, but she was laughing hysterically right along with the rest of us. It was great.

So yesterday was very good for me. :)

Today I had class, and I got my first bonafide A for last week's essay. Yay! Granted, I don't think the essay I wrote last night was up to par, but I'm happy with this grade for now. I can't wait for the class to be over, though.
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Weird. I think Arrested Development is the first TV show to inspire me to fanfic.

In other words, I might have something written by the end of the week. *hope I didn't jinx myself*
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Arrested Development! Squee!

Read more... )

I love this show!
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Well, yesterday's party finally ended, but not before some weird guys that nobody knew showed up and pooped on the party. Guess they didn't mean to, but they didn't quite realize that a Renae party is different from the usual kind of party. Also, nobody told them about the No Cursing rule. (Renae and Christi made their friends sign a "contract" when they came that said anybody who cursed would have to eat a jalapeno.) Once they left, though, the party mood was quickly restored and the girls gabbed into the wee hours of the morning. And now we can't find the top to the jalapeno jar.

Today my father was "ordained" as an elder in the church. Today also happens to be Nicole's birthday. So we went out to eat after church, then came home and crashed in the usual Sunday fashion. This was made easier by the fact that my siblings had not yet removed the air mattress from the living room floor.

One thing Renae's birthday party accomplished: it finally got the TiVo moved to my room. This is because the DVD player we had been using in the living room usually craps out after, say, half a movie, and since Renae's party was centered around movies, she wanted the more reliable DVD player out there. Except that one doesn't have a way to watch channels or anything, and the living room TV only has one set of Inputs, so there's no way to hook up the TiVo with the DVD player that is best for watching DVDs. If that makes any kind of sense.

Anyway, the TiVo is now in my room. Also, we are having a satellite box installed in my room on Tuesday. I expect an influx of activity in my room surpassing that of the normal Internet Rush. I shall have to be strict. *narrows eyes*


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