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Hunkering down for Wilma.

Since it's expected to be only a cat. 3 by the time it gets to the east coast, we're not evacuating. Jeanne was a 3 and we stayed for that one with no problems. This one might be a little different, though, since this time we're on the messy side of the storm, and with Jeanne we were on the tail end. So I'm a little concerned. But we have a brand new roof and we're on relatively high ground (about as high as it gets in Florida, unless you count the landfills), so we'll probably be okay.

I'm very glad we sprung for a generator this year, though. We're going to share it with the next door neighbors, since they don't have one. It works out, 'cause we don't know how to hook it up (and I'd really rather not leave my dad in charge of that), but they do. I'm also glad it's October, and not August, so it's a little cooler these days. Still hot, but not stiflingly so.

We're also housing our friends, Dru and Kim, who did not want to stay in their trailer park during the storm. Naturally. It's a standing invitation, as I've mentioned before. So they'll be bringing their kids and pets (a dog and a gerbil) over, probably tomorrow night. We might also invite another family over who live in the same trailer park, if they can't find anybody else to take them in. But my mom said if we invite them over, my dad has to buy her some rope to tie the bratty kids down with. I think she might have been serious.

I'm worried about my little car. I hope it doesn't blow away. *sniffle*

I'm mostly upset about my classes, though. Was supposed to have a midterm on Friday, but it'll probably be cancelled, along with the gym session on Saturday that the whole class hinges on. If they reschedule those classes, I hope it's for a Sunday or something so it doesn't wreck the rest of my schedule.
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Why did I have to get into this show now, of all times? Why??? At least with Freaks & Geeks I didn't discover the show until long after it had been cancelled.

I'm still a little bitter over Joan of Arcadia's cancellation, but at least I could recognize that show's quality had gone down considerably. But Arrested Development is brilliant!

Why are people so stupid? *grump*

I can just hope the writer of this article is wrong. After all, FOX *did* pick up the show for a third season despite horrible ratings. And DVD sales are up. But I have a bad feeling about it. :(
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Why won't this cough go away? I've been zapping it with Vitamin C for almost a week now, but it's still here.
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It's 9:30 pm and my mom just got home from work. Not good. This is the second, maybe third (shoddy memory), time this week that she's been more than an hour late.


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