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Despite working in the same place as two of my sisters, I hate my job. (I know, I know, big news flash there.) One of my sisters has an interview at a different store this afternoon, and I'm as excited as if it were me who might possibly be breaking free of the evil Big K.

I still haven't registered for spring classes. It's weird, knowing that once I finish those classes, I'll be able to start interning.

Haven't done a whole lot lately other than genealogy research. I find it amusing to enter my ancestors' names in the rootsweb database and see what comes up. There are actually people who believe they can trace their ancestry back to Adam and Eve.

I wish I had time to do laundry. Our drier broke a few weeks ago, and we haven't been able to replace it yet. I don't usually have more than a couple hours to myself a day, if that, and since line drying takes a lot more effort, my laundry has been piling up. I was going to do some yesterday, but it rained all day.

I still don't know what's going on with that person I like. Every now and then I'll think I'm brave enough to call him, but then I remember that he has my number, and if he were interested, he would have called me by now. So it's probably going nowhere. Still, it's nice to think about as long as we're in the same class.

Sometimes I think my life's not really going to start until I move out of my parents' house.
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While researching my genealogical files, I came across a name entered in another person's database as "Sine Nomine." Now, despite not knowing very much about this side of my family, I did know enough to realize that this is a very foreign-sounding name for mid-1800's Kentucky. So I googled it. Only to discover that it means "Name Unknown."


Okay, obviously I never took Latin. Still, I thought it was pretty funny.
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I wanted to transfer my genealogy files to my dad's laptop before we visit my grandparents next month, but I can't find the software CD. Bummer. I thought I could show my grandmother what I have and she could maybe fill in some blanks for me. Oh, well. *sigh*
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re: genealogy, am becoming convinced must be related to everybody in the towns of Paducah, Kentucky and St. Agnes, Cornwall. Freaky.

Went to concert tonight, saw Steven Curtis Chapman and Casting Crowns. Was v. good. However, did not buy anything, because A) already have CD's, and B) the other merchandise was simply not tempting. Chris Tomlin was also there, but did not impress, other than having a fairly nice voice. Probably not fair to have to put himself between CC and SCC, though. He was supposed to open, but for some reason Casting Crowns opened instead.

SCC is one extremely entertaining little dude. (He referred to himself as vertically challenged when relating a story about his much taller son, who is now learning to drive.) Also, is from Paducah, Kentucky. Which, yeah. He's probably my cousin five times removed or something.

It was very cold. I had to take a jacket with me. Once inside the ampthitheater, though, it was warm enough I could take it off. I still ended up sitting on my hands part of the time, to keep them warm.
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well, just got home from church about two hours ago. Was not boring for once, though we did have the usual beating around the bush and "let's try to make reading this chapter take an hour, when it should take only 30 minutes." I hate that. Trying to find a deeper meaning, when it's really not that complicated. Annoying. Reminds me of the hippies my dad talks about from when he was in high school who thought "Stay the way you are, and you'll never change," was sooooo deep.

Discovered a distant cousin who died at Gettysburg today, so my dad got out the movie and showed us the bits about him. My mom ended up shouting at the TV "Don't do it, Cousin Dick! You're gonna kill yourself!" Then she may have cursed Robert E. Lee.

TiVo'd Lost while I was out. Haven't watched it yet -- with grandpa and uncle visiting (grandmother decided to stay at home, as she is now afraid of the dark), I didn't want to subject them to something they probably wouldn't like. And besides, Gettysburg.
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okay, so I was updating my genealogy file, happily typing away, and thinking to myself, "Whoopee! I'm almost done with all the cousins, then I can start the fun part, moving up!"

So I finished the cousins, then went up to my great-great-great-grandmother, only to find that her father had NINETEEN children. Yoiks!

I think I shall turn in now.


Feb. 19th, 2005 08:57 pm
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Still loving the research!

Stumbled upon the webpage of a distant relation of mine today and am now busily entering all the information on his website into my family tree. How convenient of him to do my research for me!

Still looking for my grandmother's family, though. *sigh*


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