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I'm not speaking to my brother. I don't know if he knows that I'm not speaking to him, but I don't care.

I need to back up. There is too much going on.

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I finally got the LJ app! Yaaay me!

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I'm annoyed.

I've been trying for two weeks to see an advisor when I go to school in the mornings, but there's always a wait until 2:00 pm-ish, and I can't wait that long. I do have a job. And they won't let me make an appointment. I even went between classes today and asked if I could reserve a spot for 11-ish, and they said no, but to come back 15 minutes before. So I did, and then they said the next spot wouldn't be until 2:00 pm-ish again. I was so pissed, I just left.

I'm going to have to go early tomorrow and do it before class. *sigh* My one day I get to sleep in until 8:00.
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Sometimes I wonder why things have to be so darned technological.

Last week, I took a test online. I did it at home, and yes, I used the book, but I still only got a B. Still, I was okay with my B, because I still had an A in the class, and the test was over.

Today I got to class and it turns out, because so many people were apparently locked out of the system during the test, everyone has to take it over. And this time, we have to do it in class, the old-fashioned way. Pencil and scantron, no book, no notes.

Apparently there was also some girl in the computer lab last week who was giving a bunch of people the answers. I wouldn't know about that, but I don't doubt it: people are stupid.

I'm trying to look at it as another opportunity to get an A, but I'm having a little trouble not feeling sorry for myself.
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On my list of things to do is read more. Christi and I were trying to come up with an Emma-like list of books to read, but were unable to think of more than a few titles. Anything you guys could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Also on my list of things to do -- in the top 5, actually -- is to finally finish the Christopher/Georgiana saga. I consolidated the entirety of Blind Luck so far into one file and have been rereading bits of it and piecing together other bits of backstory to try to get back into the game. Unfortunately, it's only made me want to rewrite almost the entire thing again. It has also made me realize that I have an annoying habit of avoiding action words by saying something is "not" something else. Think Pinnocchio from Shrek, when he's all "I can tell you where he's not....." It's like that, and it makes me want to hit myself. And on top of that, I've also discovered several historical errors. *sigh*

I am almost done writing this incarnation, though.
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Must sleep more.
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Of course. I was afraid of drains. This included shower drains, sink drains, even toilets and sometimes pool filters. I was afraid my toys would get sucked down a drain, so I'd be very careful when I brushed my teeth, sometimes "forgot" to flush the toilet, and never took a shower, only baths.

I was a strange child, and very attached to my toys. :)
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My 12-year-old self would probably be upset, but I think my 20-year-old self would be pretty pleased, if not entirely happy.

So things are looking up. :)

This is a pretty depressing question to ask, btw. Is LJ trying to increase the suicide rate, or something?
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I'm at my parents' house doing laundry, watching The Bourne Identity, and waiting for the wings that we ordered to get here.

I'm doing laundry at my parents' house because the drier at my house is not working anymore. Neither is the dishwasher, but we're not going to pack up our dirty dishes and bring them over here to wash them. LOL

Ah, the joys of living (sort of) on your own.


Jan. 28th, 2010 05:08 pm
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I don't know what to do. I've been teaching piano for a couple years now, and had been doing fine, but as soon as I move out, students start dropping like flies. I've thought about applying for other jobs -- and did have an interview at the library a couple weeks ago -- but I really don't know where to focus myself. I really just want to be able to finish school in a timely manner. I'm not looking for a career yet.

*sigh* I need direction. Focus. I'm very goal-oriented; it's just a matter of finding the goal.
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Today was Fair Day with our church. We all met up at the fair and hung out for awhile. It was a lot of fun. But of course there's this one guy who's always taking pictures, and now they're available on his website. So after careful consideration, I've decided......

I need a haircut.

That will probably be what I do tomorrow if I have any free time between noon and my lessons.
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Happy August, everybody!

So my parents are moving back. In case I never told anybody, my brother came back from Michigan in March or April or somewhere. And now he's convinced my parents to come back, too.

So we're flying Nicole back down in the next few weeks so she can get a job and get a jump on saving for a deposit on an apartment. Nicole, Christi, and I are planning on moving out together once the parentals are back.

And that's the update for now. :)
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I interviewed last week for a position in another music school. Their piano teacher went in for surgery on her wrist, and is going to be out for a few weeks, so they're pretty desperate for a replacement. It pays more than the other place, but I'm not thinking of replacing the old one; this is just a supplement. I also like that it's in Wellington, which is the area I'm planning on moving once I get my own place. So that's good.

I'm very happy about it.
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So I've been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett lately. Actually, I read a couple back when my grandmother was dying, and then I read a bunch last year when my family were getting ready to move. So far I've read The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Maskerade, Monstrous Regiment, Thud!, Night Watch, Guards! Guards!, Mort, The Truth, Thief of Time, The Fifth Elephant (which I don't really remember a lot about, honestly), and Moving Pictures. I have already bought, though have yet to read, Good Omens, Small Gods, Going Postal, Wyrd Sisters, and Pyramids, and I'm in the middle of Reaper Man right now. :)

This is how it is when I discover an author I like: I devour everything of theirs I can get my hands on, as fast as my schedule will allow. I'm enjoying myself thoroughly.
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For those of you not on Facebook, my cat, Samson, died on Sunday night. I'm doing okay, all things considered, but still missing him, and I wish I had taken more pictures of him in the short time I had him.

I'm trying very hard to stop myself from getting another kitten.

I just thought I should let you guys know, in case I do get another kitten later and you're all "WTF happened to Samson?"
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I just finished making dinner. I made dinner tonight because both of my sisters are working late, and therefore couldn't make it themselves.

I did not want to make dinner; I wasn't hungry, and there were a bunch of things I'd rather have been doing. Which made me think..... if I lived by myself, I probably would never eat dinner. At least, not on nights I work late. Maybe on weekends I would eat dinner.
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I got a new kitten. His name is Samson. His favorite place to sit is on my lap. But he also likes boxes.

I'm still getting more students -- up to about 30 -- so I'm pretty busy. Trying to get up the nerve to finally quit the chiropractor's office.

Things I'm saving up for:
1. An apartment
2. A laptop
3. iPod Classic

Also, I really, really need a maid.
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My stress level has gone so far down since it's been just me and the two youngest girls, it's not even funny. By the end of this month, I will have my credit cards all paid off, and a new bed. :)
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Since my mom, Nicole, and Trevor went to Detroit, our cat, Aerial, has killed two rats and left them in the front yard. We think this is her "acting out" because of the confusion and/or loneliness.
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So the other piano teacher at the place where I work...... died last night.

So weird. He was at work yesterday. He'd been having problems with his diabetes, but nobody thought he was going to drop dead.

They've asked me to take over some of his students, but I don't know yet how many, starting next week. Again, this is a very weird time for me, so..... hmmmm.

I'm still processing, I guess.


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