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Saw Walk the Line last night. Was very good. Johnny + June = OTP OMG.

I'm depressed. I now have even less money than I did when I complained about having no money the other day. Also, Tropical Storm Gamma (!!) is now threatening South Florida, and may come just in time to wreck my favorite holiday. And my car is still incapacitated.

The mechanic was supposed to come today to fix it, but nope. Couldn't do it.

On the upside, at least I don't have to write a paper for two weeks, thanks to the holiday.
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Well, no sooner did I log off after posting my last entry, but our phone line went out. Argh!

But it's back now. Yay!

Still don't have power, though.

Have been very bored the last few days, though this time the aftermath has been considerably better than other hurricanes I've been through. Mostly due to the cooler weather (the hurricane actually brought in a cold front this time; was very weird. I think it came in with the eye.) but also because of our brand spanking new generator. Which, btw, we are now sharing with both of our next door neighbors, since the family on the left of us have an autistic child who cannot live without TV. Or maybe it's his parents who need it to keep him busy. *shrug* Either way.

The only thing I had to keep myself occupied was my Netflix, which was the first three discs of the first season of 24. Which has been surprisingly good. Wasn't sure if I could deal with The Antichrist* as the lead character, but I've really been enjoying it. Was very tiresome to have to charge up the battery every two hours, though. On the other hand, it made it easier to make the discs last three or four days.

More details to come later, as we all have to make do with the laptop at the moment.

* "The Antichrist" in this case obviously refers to Kiefer Sutherland. We gave him this nickname because he was the bad guy in so many movies we've seen. Of course, this makes Donald Sutherland the Father of the Antichrist.
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I'm okay!

The storm was more intense than we had anticipated, but thankfully, the only damage done to our property was the back fence -- five houses in a row behind our house lost their fences. One house around the block lost all its shingles, and many trees are now practically foliage-less. But otherwise our neighborhood looks fine.... at least as far as we can see out our window. I haven't ventured out yet.

Power is out indefinitely, but we have our generator up and running, with help from the next door neighbor, so I might be able to get on later with more details. For now, though, I have to go: we're expecting a call from my mother when she gets out of lockdown at the hospital.


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