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I interviewed last week for a position in another music school. Their piano teacher went in for surgery on her wrist, and is going to be out for a few weeks, so they're pretty desperate for a replacement. It pays more than the other place, but I'm not thinking of replacing the old one; this is just a supplement. I also like that it's in Wellington, which is the area I'm planning on moving once I get my own place. So that's good.

I'm very happy about it.
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So the other piano teacher at the place where I work...... died last night.

So weird. He was at work yesterday. He'd been having problems with his diabetes, but nobody thought he was going to drop dead.

They've asked me to take over some of his students, but I don't know yet how many, starting next week. Again, this is a very weird time for me, so..... hmmmm.

I'm still processing, I guess.
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So I haven't been posting regularly for a long time. You know how it goes, it starts with not having a lot of time, or nothing of interest happening. Then time goes by and you realize that actually a lot has happened, and you wouldn't know where to begin to update. So you keep putting it off and putting it off, until finally, you decide, "Screw it. I'm going to post about something because I feel like it."

At least, that's how it works for me. So here goes.

TV obsession. Now that we have no satellite dish, I have become obsessed with several TV shows. Doctor Who, obviously, but now that's currently between seasons. Life on Mars is intriguing, but am having difficulty finding 3rd episode. Robin Hood was a total bust -- stupid show. Jericho turned out to be a surprise. Has anybody heard of/seen this show? I'd heard of it, but forgot about it until my sister caught the pilot last week, and proceeded to get me to watch the entire season with her on the internet. It started out really bad/cheesy, but got really good about halfway through the first season. CBS cancelled it, but the fans got them to bring it back after deluging the network and execs with letters and peanuts. So they're re-running the second half of the first season. I don't know if a second season is in the works or not, but I sure hope so, because boy was the season finale a cliffhanger.

I still haven't gathered up the courage/strength to begin the next two years of my schooling. I'd really like to just get it over with, because there's not much I can do with a 2-year accounting degree. But on the other hand, I really don't feel like pushing myself to do well in school while working at the same time. If I could go to school and take off work for two years, I'd jump at it. I just don't have the energy.

Piano lessons are going well -- I have about half of the students I need to be making what I was making when I was working Kmart and the doctor's office at the same time --- with only a third of the hours. That's nice.

My parents are talking about moving again, this time up north, probably either Detroit or somewhere around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We've had issues with the church and my mother's closest Florida friend moved to Buffalo last year. My mother's unsatisfied with her job, and my dad is unable to find work down here, so a move seems imminent. My dad's talked about moving before, but never with my mom backing him up. I'm okay with it this time. It seems like the best thing to do given our current situation, and it's not like any of us kids have roots here. My sister has a bosom friend that she will miss, but said friend is going away to college soon, anyway, and they both have MySpaces.

Anyway, at least it's not freaking Okeechobee.
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I'm bored. I thought I had study group today for one of my term projects, but just remembered I didn't, 'cause the other girl had to work, but I work at 3, so now I'm sort of out of things to do until 3, when I'll be absolutely miserable, because I hate my job.

Of course, I can now comfort myself that I don't have to put up with it for much longer because I got another job: I will soon be teaching piano at the music school/store down the block. Yay!
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Christmas was good. I got Legos. :D

Everybody else got DVDs --- the last two nights, my sisters and I have stayed up late watching season 1 of Prison Break, which was my gift to Nicole. That show is like crack. I know it's stupid, but I can't stop watching it. Renae and Christi have been keeping tallies of 1) body count, 2) Veronica-being-stupid count, and 3) Lincoln-being-obvious count. They also get a kick out of Pope's softness.

My dad got season 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun, and my mom got volume 2 of Animaniacs. So, what with those 3 shows, we've been laughing a lot the past couple days.

My family and I went to see The Nativity Story last night. I thought it would be boring, but I actually liked it. I thought Keisha Castle-Hughes was lackluster, but the guy playing Joseph was really good. And I didn't recognize Ciaran Hinds as Herod until the credits rolled. Why can I never recognize that man from role to role? I didn't recognize him in Phantom of the Opera, either.

My sisters and I were going to go see A Night at the Museum tonight, but Nicole and Christi stayed too late at work to catch the late showing. So I guess we'll have to catch it tomorrow, when nobody works late.

I've been considering the possibility of dumping Kmart for a new office job. It's doable, and I'd love to do it, but I'm not sure if I should when I only have one semester before I start interning.
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Despite working in the same place as two of my sisters, I hate my job. (I know, I know, big news flash there.) One of my sisters has an interview at a different store this afternoon, and I'm as excited as if it were me who might possibly be breaking free of the evil Big K.

I still haven't registered for spring classes. It's weird, knowing that once I finish those classes, I'll be able to start interning.

Haven't done a whole lot lately other than genealogy research. I find it amusing to enter my ancestors' names in the rootsweb database and see what comes up. There are actually people who believe they can trace their ancestry back to Adam and Eve.

I wish I had time to do laundry. Our drier broke a few weeks ago, and we haven't been able to replace it yet. I don't usually have more than a couple hours to myself a day, if that, and since line drying takes a lot more effort, my laundry has been piling up. I was going to do some yesterday, but it rained all day.

I still don't know what's going on with that person I like. Every now and then I'll think I'm brave enough to call him, but then I remember that he has my number, and if he were interested, he would have called me by now. So it's probably going nowhere. Still, it's nice to think about as long as we're in the same class.

Sometimes I think my life's not really going to start until I move out of my parents' house.
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Almost everybody I talked to tonight at work asked if I could sell them a Playstation 3.

1. We don't have them in yet.
2. They don't come out until Friday, anyway.
3. This means, even if I did have them, I wouldn't sell you one, because violating street date would mean a $10,000 fine and losing my job. So go ahead and camp outside the store. I don't think you're cool.

I had a bad day at work. My sisters and I are scheduled opposite shifts on Thanksgiving, which is also my mom's birthday, so the holiday is effectively ruined now. It's bad enough having to work on Thanksgiving at all. Now we won't even be able to have Thanksgiving dinner together.
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tagged by [ profile] lockergirl (and technically, also [ profile] leksa, [ profile] adventurat, and [ profile] kayotica):

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

*sigh* You asked for it.

From Reckless Heart, by Madeline Baker:
"Don't be deliberately obtuse, Katherine Mary Kincaid," he growled. "You know what I mean."
"Don't be absurd," Mother chided gently. "Hannah isn't going to run off with him."

Would it help if I explained that this is one of my sister's library books that happened to be lying on the floor when I glanced around for a book?

In other news, [ profile] austenfic is now up for reviewing, if anybody's interested. No, I haven't reviewed anything yet. I've been very busy, job searching.

I have an interview in the morning.
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House is finished----we just have to move back in. (Can't remember if I already posted that information or not.... also, just read that sentence, and thought I was talking about the TV show House.)

I feel really terrible for my lack of updates lately, but despite the fact that I am terribly busy and life does not seem to be slowing down, I can never think of anything to say.

I'm trying to find time to get back to writing, but first, I have to find a new job. I can't take Kmart much longer.
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The last couple days, I've been reading The Quiet Gentleman, by Georgette Heyer, and quite enjoying it. I have no idea who the culprit is! (Well, I do, but I don't want to say, in case I'm wrong.) (SPOILERS in comments, just in case.)

I'm a little bummed that I have to put it aside today, in order to do homework, but hey. Them's the breaks.

I bought a shirt last week for $7 that I think will do nicely for my cousin's wedding. Wore it to church today, though, and realized I don't really have a good skirt to go with it. Thought one of the skirts I already own would work, but they don't. That's okay. I like skirts.

On the other hand, I do not like shoes. (Sorry, [ profile] mariavii!) But I need some new sneaker-like thingies to wear to work, because you can almost see my toes poking out of my current ones. But I can't find any tolerable sneakers to buy! *whine* I tried on a couple pairs today, but they were all so hard on the inside. Why on earth would anybody make a sneaker hard on the inside?
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So sleepy.

Want to write, but too sleepy. I keep telling myself, maybe I'll be able to write tomorrow. But I have class in the morning, then work in the afternoon until late at night. Next day, I work in the morning, then have orthodontist appointment. So probably most reasonable day to shoot for, writing-wise, is Friday. And this makes me sad. And sleepy.

Have been up for about 17 hours, much more than I'm used to. Haven't written anything in my journal for tomorrow's class yet. Must get on that. Mary Wollstonecraft. W00t.

Hazardous day at school. Treated myself to McDonald's as a reward for getting through it unscathed. Who lets teenagers drive, anyway?
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I feel like I have nothing to say lately.

Spent the last hour or two looking up apartments in my area, and then trying to find a job that would allow me to be able to afford an apartment.


Gotta finish school. *counts* Three years.

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Time for an update. I seem to be doing that less and less lately.

School starts again next week. I purposely scheduled myself Monday through Wednesday only, in order to preserve time for my cousin Amy's wedding in February. Now my mother says we'll be staying in Michigan through that Monday, which totally negates my plans. But then, I guess there's nothing stopping me from flying home by myself in order to not miss class.

Still need to find a dress for that shindig, by the way. Sadly, all the dresses to be found in Florida are flimsy little things that could not possibly stand up to a Michigan February. Come to think of it, I don't have a real winter coat, either. I have my brand new Johnny Cash "Man in Black" hoodie (which Trevor got me for Christmas. Squee!), and a couple jackets, and that's it.

Looking back on 2005, I realized I'd accomplished a lot as far as claiming my independence and moving on. I got my driver's license, I started school, and all that fun stuff. I don't want to stop moving forward, and so I'm getting my braces off in two weeks. Got sick of vacillating on the issue of surgery and decided a decision must be reached regarding the whole thing, and I decided to just forget about it. So off come the braces.

I think I'll get my hair done after that. I was going to do that after the surgery, but now there's no reason to wait.

I'm hoping to get moving on my writing again soon, but as long as I'm doing school and two jobs, I don't see myself getting much time for that. And that saddens me. But I'm also hoping to be able to quit Kmart soon. I'm in a different department now than I was two years ago; much more bearable and not as frustrating. But it still takes up way too much time. Nothing so pointless as folding mens' clothes.
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So I took that job at Kmart and am now extremely busy. Haven't had a day off in a week, but tomorrow's class is only two hours long, so that won't be so bad, and I don't work tomorrow, either. So that'll have to do until school ends in two weeks. I'm okay with that.

I just realized today that I only get one paycheck between now and Christmas, though. And that sucks. But I already made myself a Christmas budget that won't allow me to spend more than $30 per person, so I should be okay as long as I restrict myself to buying for Family Only.

*sigh* Sucks, though. Buying people presents is my favorite part of Christmas. But hey, I get paid the day after Christmas, so maybe we can do some Day After shopping while everybody else is returning everything. *g*

After the rat incident a few days ago, (my brother insists he saw the cats chase the rat out the back door. Significant that they did it together; my mom's not sure they weren't actually just chasing each other) my sisters have finally succeeded in convincing my parents to let them have a dog. So yesterday they went to both pounds and the pet store, looking for the perfect dog. They fell in love with a basset hound, but it had already been sold. So they're going to look for another basset hound.

Here's hoping the new dog doesn't kill me. I was okay with Lady most of the time, but I had to lock myself in my room when we had Sasha. Could never breathe with that dog in the house. My mother added a condition to getting a dog, and that was that Renae and Christi have to clean the carpet once a month, so that I don't get sick. They agreed, but you never know if they'll actually do it or not.

My mother set up an appointment with the lawyer for Tuesday, and I just realized I work that day. On one hand, I wouldn't mind calling off work to be able to keep up to date with what's going on with my surgery. But on the other hand, I don't have much confidence that we have a case, so what's the point of missing work?
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Well, I got a car, and I didn't break the bank. We'll see what happens as far as insurance and all that fun stuff.

Now to apply for a job closer to home. There's a shopping center behind my house that has a Curves and a Payless. I think those will be my first stops. *sigh* I hate retail, but hey.

There are a few restaurants, as well, but I don't see myself as a successful waitress.
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Was told today that they're going to cut my hours at work. Crap.

I'm off to write something sad and angsty.
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My boss gave everybody in the office a $100 bonus today for exceeding last week's goals. Yay! I think I'll put it towards repairing my piano.
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Things haven't gone very well today. Not that they've gone horribly wrong. I'm just now starting to be annoyed by it.

1. Arrived at work to find out the doctor had changed the starting time to a half hour earlier and hadn't told me. Thanks, Dr. B., I really love walking into a waiting room full of patients. Actually, I don't really mind not being told it was moved, per se, because then I would have had to get up earlier. But it's the principle of it: too many times people "forget" to tell me important things. You're already giving all my work to Lindy, you don't have to rub it in my face that I obviously don't matter to you.

2. Also discovered, once I'd been there a couple hours, that there was a birthday lunch planned for one of the girls in the office. That's fine; they had told me about that, I'd just forgotten it. But that meant I had to call my father and let him know not to pick me up at the previously agreed-upon time. Except for one thing: my father seems to have misplaced his phone. Not a cell phone, his regular one. And yeah, it's cordless, but it also has a handy pager thing, not to mention a very loud ring. And yet it's been misplaced. So all those times I called, wondering what on earth was going on that nobody was answering the phone, it was just because it was lost. (I finally reached him on my sister's cell phone.)

3. I can't seem to get going on BL. Or any type of writing. It's a bummer.

4. My sisters can't seem to stay out of my room. If I leave for a second, one of them has taken over the computer. I've asked them not to jump online without asking, or to use our parents' computer instead, or any number of compromises, but they never listen. Nicole bought a new doorknob for our room that comes with keys and actually locks (the other one locked, but was easy to pick). I guess I'll just have to remember to lock the door whenever I want a snack, or whatever. *grumble*

5. Despite having a great, talented team, the Marlins keep finding ways to lose. *grumble grumble*

So one or two of those annoyances by themselves would not bother me, but all of them together have put me in a really crappy mood. I think I will have to actually get some writing done to snap out of it. Either that, or the Marlins will have to win. Maybe both.


May. 4th, 2005 02:15 am
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Funny conversation with my sisters last night:
[context: I had wandered out into the living room at 3:30 am because sibs were being loud in the living room and I could not sleep with all the racket. I did not take my glasses with me, because I expected to go back to bed after delivering a scold, but ended up sitting down and giggling with them for about half an hour. Anyway.]

Me, peering around: I can't seeeee!
Nicole: You should be glad you can't see, because Christi just walked by you with an enormous wedgie.
Me: Oh. *giggle*
Christi: Shut up. You wish you had my wedgie.
*Nicole and I giggle uncontrollably*

Work ramble )

Oh, and I start school next week.


Mar. 4th, 2005 02:46 pm
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Boring work rant )

*dreading Tuesday*


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